Addon System

Get addons by using specific Hero Statues spread out over the map with the items listed below.

Note: Some of the addons can only be obtained at NPC Varkhal, talk to him for more info.

Addon Items
100 Brown Pocs, 100 Red Pocs, 100 Demon Dusts, 100 Red Dragon Scales
100 cyclops toes, 1500 banana sashs, 1000 colorful feathers
Worn Soft Boots, 20 Coats
Get it at Varkhal
10 Red Pocs, Scarf, 100k
100 Wolf Paws, 100 Bear Paws
50 GS Silks, 100 Red Pocs
Ferumbras' Hat, 100 Gold Nuggets, Olympia Doll, Coconut Shoes
3 Magic Swords, 100 Concentrated Demonic Blood, Demonbone Amulet
15 Magic Light Wands, 200 Small Emeralds
Get it at Varkhal
Get it at Varkhal
Scroll of Heroic Deeds, Scorpion Tail
100 Peg Legs, 100 Eyepatches, 100 Hooks
3 Feather Headdresses, 30 Goblin Ears
10 Magic Lightwands, 100 Small Emeralds
Get it at Varkhal
100 Nails, 50 Hardened Bones
Get it at Varkhal
100 Skulls, 50 Shadow Herbs, 2kk
Get it at Varkhal
2000 Demon Dusts, 2000 Demonic Essences, 3 Firewalker Boots